Dash Labels is an industry leading manufacturer of custom printed labels, short, medium and long run label printing, barcoding and design. On the other hand, Dash Labels offers a comprehensive range of media solutions for printing, signage and promotional branding.

Our services include a variety of media solutions, namely, banners, frames, signage, stands and general promotional material. For example, our services offering includes doming, decal printing, lamination and short run label prints to name a few. In contrast to our label manufacturing capabilities, our technical knowledge, dynamic approach and quality product range of media solutions can assist your company in bringing your brand to life on a range of marketing mediums.

To illustrate, Our media gallery below expands on our service offering. Contact Dash Labels today to find out more about how we can assist your business!


Roll up Banners

Roll-Up Banners are versatile, lightweight and portable. Graphics can be easily changed, quick and easy to use and requires no tools for assembly.

Stand Banners

Stand Banners are robust unit that is quick and easy to assemble. Durable, lightweight aluminium stand that you can easily replace prints.

Hoist Banners

Hoist Banners can turn empty space into revenue generating opportunities with highly visible hanging advertising.

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Lightweight, compact and specialised equipment that manufactured to match the advertising space that is safe and easy to use.

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Eyelet Banners

Eyelet Banners are effective for indoor and outdoor usage. The materials we use are robust, relatively easy to use and versatile for mid-long range duration.

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Each corner of the high resolution long life print has small metal eyelet rings, also known as grommets, that are assembled to the material.

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Pole Banners

Pole Banners can be manufactured to meet your require specifications and is perfect for advertising and marketing.

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Pole Banners can accommodate wall cavities, secure print fastening, adjustable wall mount brackets or other interfaces.

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General Promotional Items

Decal Printing

Wall decals are custom designed printing option that are a simple and affordable way to brand and advertise your business or decorate your home.

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Printable in full colour, customised sizes and the graphics are easily applied to any smooth surface.

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We manufacture custom print dome labels of almost any size and shape that are produced on specialised materials for extra durability.

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Doming is the application of a clear polyurethane resin that is applied to a two dimensional surface that creates a three dimensional clear lens to enhance the look of your product. Doming offers a branding option that reduces scuffing, lowers impact of damage and UV factors and long lasting.

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We use state of the art laminating technology to produce prints that the extended life of your printer material.

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Laminating is focused on protecting and strengthening your printed material and enhances its visual appearance.

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Short run label prints

Short run labels are a cost effective way to print low quantity runs of labels. We effectively deliver short run labels in any quantity.

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We specialise in printing high quality, full colour short run custom labels in an economic way.

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Promotional Poster Prints

Dash Labels offers promotional poster prints for small and large format design and display.

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Our commitment is to quality and colour to best display your requirements. From one off posters to large volume promotional posters, we offer a large range of custom methods and materials while delivering exceptional quality and value.

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X Frame banners, also known as Spider Banners, are perfect for indoor use for promotions, conferences and exhibitions. X Frame banners are easy to use and easy to store.

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Printed in full colour onto PVC banners and each print attaches to the X shaped frame with eyelets in each corner. This also makes the prints easy to interchange and update. These are great for indoor and generally work well outdoors too. Excessive wind outdoors can affect them due to lack of weight.

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Snap Frames

Snap Frames are available in all standard print sizes from A4 to A0 and can be wall mounted, freestanding or handing. Each snap frame has an aluminium frame with a backing board and non-reflective cover and or lamination to protect your prints.

Canvass Frames

We offer custom high quality canvas printing on acrylic and wood printed frames to suit match your requirements.

A Frames - Vertical/Horizontal

A Frame Banner has a sturdy frame and is fully collapsible and compact. A Frames are printed in full colour on PVC and is great for outdoor and indoor display.

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Due to the stability and easy to assemble frame this makes A Frames a great option for customised media advertising. They are solid for outdoor advertising due to a wide footprint.

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Snap Frame Stands

Floor Stands

Wind Spinner Stands


Warning Signage

Dash Labels can produce durable mandatory, prohibited and warning signage for your business for short or long term usage. Our warning signage is specialised in design and manufacturing.

Safety Signage

We can manufacture standard and custom safety signage to keep your employee and customers informed of any risk in specific areas. Our safety signage identifies hazards by easily recognizable signage that has been developed for all conditions.

Display Signage

We create a wide range of standard and customised display signage for indoor, outdoor and commercial signage. Whether you are looking for custom office signage, custom door signage or custom real estate signage we can design and manufacture the best custom solution for your business.

Magnetic Signage

Magnetic signage are custom made for your requirements and can be manufactured in all shapes and sizes. Magnetic signage is most often used for fridge magnets or vehicle magnets and are perfect for any promotion or advertising. We are able to design, cut and print a custom magnetic signage solution for your business.

For more info on these and other products or services, Please contact us here!